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NCP denies striking pact with BJP to remove council chairman Shivajirao Deshmukh

A day after getting the BJP’s support to its no-trust motion for removal of the Maharashtra Legislative Council chairman Shivajirao Deshmukh of the Congress, the NCP said it did not enter into any deal with the saffron party to achieve its goal.

“There was no arrangement of any kind (with BJP, which shares power with Shiv Sena). It was the BJP’s prerogative to take a stance on the no-confidence motion,” NCP state unit president Sunil Tatkare said at the Vidhan Bhawan.

The no-confidence motion against Deshmukh brought in by the NCP was passed with 45 council members — 28 NCP, 12 BJP and five others supporting it.

“The Congress has supported the insurance bill in the Lok Sabha. Does that mean that the Congress and BJP have come together?” Tatkare said.

“We took a generous approach in 2004 by refraining from claiming the chief minister’s post despite winning more seats than Congress. However, without having sufficient numbers, the Congress handed over a letter to Deshmukh before the winter session staking claim for the post of the Leader of the Opposition in the Council,” he said.

“Our claim to the post was rejected in a partisan manner. That is why we brought in the no-trust motion against Deshmukh and not that the NCP was hankering after power. It is an illusion created by our friends,” he said.

Asked if the NCP still considers Congress as a friendly party, he shot back saying, “It is for the Congress to reply to that question.”

“NCP is an independent party. We worked with the Congress for 15 years. But we parted ways before assembly polls. Now, whether to call us friends or not is up to the Congress,” he said.

Asked who will be the NCP’s candidate as Council chairman, Tatkare said, “We will let you know before the date for filing nomination.”

On the possibility of the NCP staking claim for the vacant post of Assembly Deputy Speaker, Tatkare said, “The tradition, of late, has been that the post goes to someone from the ruling party.”

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