‘Non-edgy’ Kangana Ranaut reveals how her style statement has evolved


Kangana-RanautKangana Ranaut, who is perceived to have an edgy style statement, has claimed that she is not at all edgy when it comes to her fashion choices, but her style keeps evolving.

In an interview with a Magazine, the 26-year-old actress said that she loves to wear classic looks and old Hollywood feel is her thing although she loves to don androgynous looks as well.

The `Tanu Weds Manu` star asserted that one can`t give a certain name to her style as it keeps evolving.

Speaking about her style statement when she was 18, Ranaut said that when one is at that age, the style statement is more organic, but now she takes time to plan her looks unlike when she was a teen.

Ranaut added that earlier she had a tomboy-ish personality and could not pull off many looks,sbut was open to lot of new ideas as a youngster