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North Korea’s irrepressible Kim Jong Un ‘dancing’ with Obama, walking with Osama

Can you imagine North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dancing with US President Barack Obama, walking happily hand in hand with Osama bin Laden, doing ballet or riding a pig?

No? Then you have to watch this sensational video named ‘Fat Guy number three’, that has created a buzz around the globe.

The hilarious three and a half minute-video which shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s face superimposed on various dancing bodies has gone viral in China and around the world with more than a million hits.

Miffed by the video, Jong-Un is reportedly trying to get China to remove the video from the internet, after it was posted by a Chinese man surnamed Zhang from Suzhou, reports the

The video is made of a series of GIFs (Graphic Interchange Formats) with faces of Kim Jong Un, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe superimposed on different people.

Set on the tune of a popular Chinese love song Little Apple, by the Chopstick Brothers, the video shows Kim Jong Un dancing throughout, doing things as hilarious as pulling his trousers down, dancing with Obama and being kicked by him, fighting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, etc.

A part of the satirical video shows Kim happily flaunting ballet moves, whereas Obama does a martial arts move and kicks him.

In another frame, Obama is seen putting a bucket over Kim’s head and then pushing him into a swimming pool. In another frame, it is shown that how Kim misfires a missile and then runs to save his life after a rocket chases him.

The video also shows Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in a wrestling match with UN chief Ban Ki-moon being the referee.

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