Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Now, Apple that fizzes in mouth like soda

Scientists have created the world’s first ‘sparkling’ apple that fizzes in the mouth when eaten.

When the apple is bitten, the cells in the flesh of the fruit release tongue-tingling juices akin to having a mouthful of a fizzy drink.

One of the two varieties used to breed the new apple is called Resi – an East German specimen known for its sweet texture.

Swiss firm Lubera mixed Resi with the variety Pirouette to create the new apple called Paradis Sparkling. The new breed took years to perfect by trial and error genetic modification, ‘’ reported.

“It has a soft texture but a heavy crunch and very big cells that open up in the mouth, releasing a lot of acidity and sugar that gives you a feeling of having a fizzy drink,” said Robert Maierhofer, production manager at Lubera.

Maierhofer said the breeding process involved repeatedly selecting the richest apples produced from a tree to cross-breed with.

The sapling trees are now on sale for 34 pounds.

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