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Now, followers line up on Twitter for Kailash Satyarthi

The Twitter following of child’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi (@K_Satyarthi) began jumping exponentially after winning the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

Before winning the prestigious prize, Mr. Satyarthi, 60, had fewer than 200 followers on Twitter.

But within 90 minutes of the announcement, he had gained more than 4,500 followers — and the list was growing at blazing speed.

For a period, his personal website,, which sports the blurb “Kailash Satyarthi… the seeker of truth”, was failing to open — apparently under the strain of heavy demand.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee recognised Mr. Satyarthi’s contribution in heading various forms of protests and demonstrations, all peaceful, focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain.

“Children must go to school and not be financially exploited,” the committee said.

“In conflict-ridden areas in particular, the violation of children leads to the continuation of violence from generation to generation.”

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