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Now, French filmmaker to make documentary on Anand Kumar’s ‘Super 30′


A French filmmaker has landed here to make a documentary on Anand Kumar, the founder of the Super 30 free coaching centre that nurtures talent from underpriveleged families and mentors them to crack the prestigious IIT-JEE – the joint entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Award winning filmmaker Pascal Plisson, who specialises in documentaries about mankind living in extreme conditions, is here with his team to capture the saga of Super 30 and how students overcome all odds to crack one of the toughest competitions in the country under Anand’s guidance.

“It has been a fascinating and incredible experience shooting and talking to Kumar, his family members, who remain totally involved in Super 30,” Plisson, who makes films for National Geographic and BBC, told media persons in Patna on Thursday.

“The unwavering focus of the students is admirable, and their parents, whose hopes are with their children,” he added.

Plisson, whose documentary – “On the way to school” – won critical acclaim, has also worked in several African nations.

“On the way to school” is about the will and determination of four children to join their school in their respective countries – Morocco, Kenya, India and Argentina.