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Our expectations from PM Modi

Finally, Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world. He has been alleged as the biggest ‘Massacre’ of Muslims in modern time (but has not been proven yet), but it is very much true that without Indian Muslims support he might have not registered this massive victory in General Election. Now, the time has come to fulfill the various poll promises made by Narendra Modi and his team, during the election campaign. Bharatiya Janata party tried its best to win the hearts of the minority community especially the Muslim voters, who had some reservations against the BJP leadership due to its pro-Hindutva image.

The PM Narendra Modi too tried to convince the Muslim voters on various platforms. I am remembering, in Mumbai’s 23rd December rally also he has promised to give special treatment to minorities and alleged that other parties have only ‘used’ you. Today, he is the Prime Minister of this country and we the minorities are expecting many things from him as a prime minister. Some of my expectation from Modi, as he promised:
BJP has promised a lot in its manifesto. Modi has said he will work for everyone, all across India for development of the nation. It is a welcome sign. When the nation will be developed, the minorities will also progress. I would be very happy if Modi government provides electricity, road, infrastructure and employment to us. Minority community is hoping that Modi will follow the course of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which would be too good for the nation. No minority community wants riots, disturbance; majority community also does not want such things to happen. Only a few small groups trigger communalism and disturb peaceful atmosphere, which is not good for nation. So, I would like to say, please identify these ‘disturbed’ communities and talk to them.

Not only Muslims, but the other minority communities like Buddhists, Christians, Jains expect security of life and livelihood from the new government. Minority rights to be established, no partiality and communal bias should be prompted. I think the Modi government will see everyone with the same eye and work for the economic and social development of the nation. As far as I am concerned, minority community doesn’t fear or don’t think that Modi government will go against them. Although, they have mentioned in their manifesto that article 370 will be abolished and Ram Mandir issue will be dealt within the provisions of constitution, but that does not mean that there would be any riots.

As a PM Modi will govern 125 crore Indians and we expect a lot from him. His campaign line was ‘Ab ki baar Modi sarkar’ and people have elected him expecting a great change he will bring for India. I think, no Muslim has voted in the influence of any Maulana, that’s why you registered thumping victory. They have voted for Modi from their hearts. Although, some Muslims have raised voice against you, but there are many Hindus and political rivals also who have done so. It is not a big deal. We have seen many women were targeted in last three years and they are not feeling secure in this country, can you please restore their confidence? I hope Modi will work for women empowerment, their rights, respect and protection.

With respect to 2002 riots, the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had told Modi to carry on his duty towards nation in an efficient manner. We want him neither to forget his national duty, nor repeat any mistake further. He must do his duty towards the nation and work for all.

If Modi deviates along the (Sangh) Parivar line, it will prove counterproductive. As far I am concerned he will not do it again. The minority community has to remain watchful and alert. If any wrong incidents are likely to happen, they should unveil it before the people and media. Yes, some people I am not mentioning the name are saying that minorities (Muslims) will be sent to Bangladesh and Pakistan, but I think such incident won’t happen during Modi’s reign following his campaign promises. We expect Modi government to provide good governance.

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