Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Over 66,000 RTI appeals pending before 6 Information Commissions

A survey conducted by Commonwealth Human Rights initiative raises serious questions on the lack of transparency in the functioning of Information Commissions across the country.

Report says that more than 66,000 appeals and complaints pending in just 6 information commissions across the country, Maharashtra commission tops the list with the highest pendency.

According to these findings the Central Information Commission (CIC) comes second with 21,946 cases and appeals pending up to May 2014 and Kerala state commission has 7,745 case pending. Uttar Pradesh state information commission hasn’t uploaded any decision on its website since 2012. Only 17 per cent of the information commissions provide online facilities for submitting appeals or complaints.

The findings show that less than half (48 per cent) of the Information Commissions display the current status of the pending appeals and complaints cases.

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