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Pak Taliban warns of deadlier attack than Peshawar school massacre

Hardly a month after more than a hundred innocent children in Pakistan were massacred in broad daylight by his suicide bombers, Tehreek-e-Taliban kingpin Maulana Fazlullah has released a new video, threatening an attack – deadlier than Peshawar school massacre.

The video that lasts for 12 minutes was released to media by TTP’s media arm yesterday, starts with Fazlullah justifying the heinous Peshawar school carnage, that killed 145 including 132 children.

In the video, the Pak Taliban chief is seen surrounded by a bunch of masked gunmen and spouting attack threats and rants in Pashto.

The video’s authenticity has however, not been confirmed by any media agency.

Fazlullah has sought to justify the school massacre by saying that it was located in an Army area and the mature children that his gunmen killed would have one day grown up to join the Pakistani Army and fought against them.

“We killed Army children after asking their identities..we did not kill civilians,” Fazlullah was quoted as saying.

“If it was not an army camp then what were a brigadier and his soldiers doing there?,” the Daily Mirror quoted him as saying.

Fazlullah said that the attack on the school was a revenge exacted on Pakistani Army that killed their children.

Fazlullah was referring to the Pakistani Army’s anti-terror operation named Zarb-e-Azb, that was intensified in recent months and struck many terrorist positions in North Waziristan, kiling many terrorists.

“We are at war with the Army – if they kill us and our people . . . in fake encounters we will also kill them,” Fazlullah said.

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