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Pakistan has made joke of its commitment to fight terror, says India on bail to Lakhvi

Pakistan-has-made-jokeMaking a statement in Parliament on Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi being granted bail in Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that “India has strongly conveyed to Pakistan our sentiments”.

Bail to LeT commander Lakhvi has come as a “shock” to all those who believe in humanity world over, PM Modi said in the Lok Sabha.

“India’s approach towards Pakistan on the issue will be in tune with sentiments expressed by members,” Modi said, after MPs earlier voiced outrage in the House.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also made a statement in the Lok Sabha. She said India does not accept Pakistan’s government’s argument that there was no evidence against Lakhvi.

“We can say with surety that Mumbai attacks conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan’s and that 99 percent of evidence is also in Pakistan. Their agencies had six years to gather that evidence,” Sushma told Lok Sabha.

“By giving bail to Lakhvi, the Pakistani government has made a joke of its commitment to fight terror without being selective. We demand the Pakistani government to overturn this decision.”

The PM, meanwhile, also commented on this week’s Peshawar army school attack and said, “We condemn the incident in Pakistan. We are concerned about what happened there.”

“We have felt the pain no less than what Pakistan has felt following the death of over 130 children there,” he added.

The Lok Sabha later adopted a resolution condemning bail granted to Lakhvi.

The resolution asks government to take every step to put pressure on Pakistan to bring the matter related to 26/11 to a satisfactory conclusion.

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