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Panchayats to go hi-tech as mukhiyas get smartphones


Bihar government has decided to provide smartphones to all mukhiyas and gram panchayats across the state with a view to increasing their administrative efficiency.

“This decision has been taken to improve the administrative efficiency of mukhiyas and gram panchayats, so that they remain updated with the activities of the department and give suggestions online. If they face any problem, they can also use our online helpline,” said state Panchayati Raj minister Bhim Singh.

However, the government has not allocated any specific funds for the scheme.

They will soon issue guideline in which every mukhiya would be asked to use a fixed amount from the administrative fund of the gram panchayat to buy smart phones.

The government’s initiative is to bring transparency in the functioning of panchayats, check irregularities, help in implementation of fast-track schemes for poor beneficiaries and ensure development at the ground level.

“Panchayati Raj department is fast adopting e-governance. All our processes, including accounting, mapping, funding, operation, administration will be done electronically in near future,” Bhim Singh said.

Within two months, all the 8,402 mukhiyas will own smart phones. The state government has also decided to provide each gram panchayat an assistant who will have a laptop to stay updated.