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Parents asked me to put fear in children: Teacher who caned Children

Hours after he was arrested, the man who was caught on a video caning three young children said he was acting on the orders of their parents.

“Parents themselves told me that I must put fear in the children, so that they study and behave well,”’ KV Rao, the main manager of a school for visually challenged children in Andhra Pradesh, told the police who asked him why he had beaten the children.

Like the young boys whose heads he rammed into the floor, the teacher is visually impaired. He was arrested by the police along with the principal of the school on Monday. It’s still unclear who used a cellphone to capture the merciless assault on the children who are heard begging to be spared.

At the residential school this morning, which is located in the Kakinada district, many terrified parents showed up to collect their children. District collector Neetu Prasad told that the government has decided to take over the institution. The district administration has sent over trained teaching personnel to continue the school. The charitable trust that was running the school is to be legally cancelled after inquiry.

The National Human Rights Commission has asked the Andhra Pradesh government to explain what action will be taken to ensure the safety of the over 60 children who are enrolled there.

The boys who were assaulted are now recovering at a local hospital. Doctors say though they are bruised, their injuries are not grave.

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