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Parupalli Kashyap hopes PBL would help him regain form before Rio Games


Coming back from an injury, ace shuttler Parupalli Kashyap is hopeful that the coming Premier Badminton League (PBL) would help him rediscover his form and ranking, particularly in the run-up to Rio Olympics.

“My ranking has dropped seven places as I have not played for last two months. That’s why, I hope that this tournament helps me regain form. If I am fit and back to form, I will be back into top-10,” Kashyap, who will play for Hyderbad Hunters in the PBL said.

“Over the years, I have learnt things. Experience at the top level has made me confident. I feel I should be in the top-10. I should be back in the race for qualification for Rio Olympics,” Kashyap added.

Kashyap, who was recovering from an injury during the last two months, said he should be in a good shape by next week.

“Frankly, it is a very crucial period for me. Because, I got injured two months back and I am just coming back. I started playing, trying to do intense sessions now. This tournament (PBL) is like a test for me, on where I am and I am guessing that it will make me to come back quicker.

“It s not an individual event where all the stress is on you. But, you want to win for your team (in Singles). So, excitement is there. It somehow gets the best out of you. This will help me back to form quickly. That’s what I am expecting.

I hope I can hit form quickly in the tournament,” he said.

The PBL would see a tough competition as good and top ranked players like Kidambi Srikanth, HS Prannoy are there, Kashyap said.

“It is a tough competition. You will have top players.

Although Li Chong Wei (Malaysia) is in my team, but others have top players like Srikanth, (HS) Prannoy, Sai Praneeth.

All these players are good.

“It’s a tough format. For me, every match is going to be tough and every match is going to be competitive. Because, I am coming back after two months. I am aware of the situation and I want to be ready for this tournament,” he said.

Kashyap, who is currently ranked 15th in world, said he could have maintained his ranking among top-10 had he just played in the Hong Kong Open and others without even putting up a tough fight.

He said he did not participate in those tournaments just for the sake of ranking as he felt that it would be an “unethical practice”.

“Couple of things happened. The two months were tough time. The whole year, I wanted to qualify for Dubai Super Series finals. Even if I just participated in Hong Kong and China, I would qualify.

“I did not need to win a single round. Actually, I could have done that. But, I thought it would be unethical on my part to do that. Just go and play a couple of points and concede the match. Still, I would have qualified for Dubai and still I would have maintained by ranking say in the top 10,” he added.

“But, I just felt it is unethical to be a top level player and just do this just for ranking. So, I took a decision and I said ok, I don’t want to do this. If I am going for the tournament, I am going to perform well,” Kashyap was honest in his reply.

“Not just for points. So, I did not and then I dropped lot of places. But, that s the call I took. More than anything, I stand for something and I want to maintain that. I am confident that I will hit my form and get back my ranking,” he said.

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