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People respect governments that punish corruption: UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Highlighting that people respect governments that punish corruption, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for increased government transparency and cooperation between the public sector and private enterprises to drive economic growth.

The most respected governments are those that ensure equal rule or law and justice for all, and those that fight corruption. It is shown that people actually respect governments that punish corruption. “The government also needs to ensure the same openness when receiving feedback and criticism from citizens, which will create an efficient cooperation climate,” Ban said on Monday, at a Government Summit to explore how significant technological developments could help governments to meet the needs of citizens in future.

He said governments and leadership now need to explore incentives for sustainable business practices which is something that the UN can work with governments on.

“On the back of innovative Information Technology networks and solutions, a society where the government and its businesses come together can be a showcase for sustainable growth, collaborative governance and economic success,” Ban said, adding that this is a time of turmoil and various recent phenomena undermine the possibility of long-term peace.

He said the UN is taking the lead in forging a global response which will see capable governments and the UN coming together to foster peace and a sustainable future. He called upon governments to assure human rights and dignity and address the marginalisation that often drives radicalism.

“It is the duty of leaders to listen to the voices of their people, their aspirations, hopes and fears particularly from women. Governments need to ensure transparency. Those who engage with citizens and residents will emerge stronger, while corrupt and abusive systems and red-tape will lead to hopelessness and instability,” Ban said, adding that economic and societal stability requires trusted institutions.

He also said private sector has proved that they can serve the public interest with creativity and innovation. Around 3,000 participants from 87 countries are examining the theme ‘Shaping Future Governments’ in the third Government Summit which is being held here from February 9 to 11.

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