Monday, September 27, 2021
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Pestering Palestine problem

Palestine issue is important for India and the World. Israel cannot both become a democracy and a Jewish state in a single state solution that seems more and more inevitable with all the settlements. Israel cannot deport all the Palestinians to other Arab countries like it did in 1948. Hence, a reasonable solution is important. India as a friend of Israel wants to see a resolution to all the issues between Israel and Palestine and a two state solution that is acceptable to all. Israel faces immense problems in this regard and hence is reluctant to settle this issue not the least of which is the Hamas and its intransigence. Mohd Abbas may not be there for too long and Israel might find it difficult to find another Palestinian leader with whom to negotiate. Ardent Israeli friends like Zubin Mehta would like to see a resolution for this. Many moderate Israelis are clamouring for a resolution. India’s vote in that context makes sense. For secure Israel future Bibi shl’d rise up to occasion. Hope this strong understanding between the two countries will continue so that both countries can be sure of support when needed. Israel has understood the compulsions faced by India in not signing for the US idea of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The hidden love and affection towards Israel from billion Hindus came to light.

Calicut Ramani

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