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P&G, GE world’s best firms in terms of leadership: Haygroup

Multinational consumer goods company Procter & Gamble has been named world’s best company in terms of leadership followed by General Electric and Coca-Cola in the second and third place respectively, as per a Hay Group study.

The global management consulting firm released its ninth annual Best Companies for Leadership Study and the Top 20 list on the basis of how these companies build and promote the development of great leaders.

Others in the top 10 list include IBM at the fourth place, followed by Unilever (5th), Intel (6th), McDonald’s (7th), Samsung (8th), 3M (9th) and Hewlett-Packard (10th).

No Indian company feature in the list though almost all of them which find mention have significant presence in India.

The top 20 best companies for leadership also include PepsiCo (11th), Toyota (12th), Accenture (13th), Siemens (14th), Telefonica (15th), BASF (16th), Johnson & Johnson (17th), Citigroup (18th), IKEA (19th) and Pfzer (20th).

“This year’s research shows that the world’s leading organisations are purposefully developing leaders who will be able to drive innovation and transform their organisations,” Hay Group’s global managing director of Leadership and Talent practice Ruth Malloy said.

The report said around 80 percent of the top 20 firms had established clear career paths for their employees, compared to only 48 percent of all other companies.

“These best-in-class organisations are providing non -traditional, more diverse, career paths and training high -potential employees to meet specific business challenges and develop the skills required to help their organisations succeed in today’s increasingly volatile, global environment,” Malloy added.

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