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PM Modi thinks one man sitting in Delhi will transform everything: Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi questioned the NDA government’s body of work in the past six months on Tuesday and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was of the view that one man sitting in Delhi would transform everything.

He also said that the view of the BJP was to snatch the power from the people and maintained that the party was systematically weakening all these rights of the people.

“They are weakening NREGA, Land Act,” he said, adding, “PM promised that everyone will get Rs 15 Lakh, once we get the black money. When asked after 100 days, he is silent.”

The Congress VP asked the BJP-led NDA government, “My simple question is that what have you done in the past six months.”

“You spoke about black money, you did not get it,” he emphasised.

“People will soon be see through PM Modi’s broken promises. They will come back to Congress again and then we will get on with work,” the Congress leader opined.

Rahul also alleged that whenever there were elections, the BJP made people fight against each other.

“Main objective of this government is to snatch power from people, make communities fight each other and run government in the interest of few corporates,” he said and maintained that the “Congress party’s job is clear. Bring communities together and create harmony among them.”

“Today we see a fight between two ideologies, that of Congress and of the Opposition,” he said.

Talking about the good work that the Congress had done while in power Rahul had this to say – “Over the last 10 years, we tried to support people with programmes like NREGA and Right to Food. We tried to support the people with laws like Right to Information,” adding, “Our greatest leader Mahatma Gandhi said, always think about the last person of the queue. This is the spirit of Congress party.”

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