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PM Modi took lessons from Manmohan Singh over state of economy: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul-GandhiCongress party vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday came down heavily on the NDA government and said that the Prime Minister had no time for the plight of poor farmers in the country.

Speaking at an NSUI convention, Rahul also took a dig at PM’s handling of economic affairs and said Modi had to take a lesson in economics from former prime minister Manmohan Singh. He said, “Our former PM Manmohan Singh criticised the health of the economy in the morning and by evening Modi took ‘lessons’ from him.”

He also targeted PM Modi over his foreign trips and criticised the Centre’s apathy towards farmers. “Modi ji says in his speeches that there’s a need to help the poor. He has so far made trips to France, USA, Japan, Mongolia but hasn’t yet gone to a farmer’s home.”

Rahul accused the BJP of trying to close the internal dialogue process in the entire country and said there was a lack of democracy in the Modi government.

“One-man’s will is being followed by the rest,” he said, and added, “Be it about farmers, education or clothes — one person in government knows everything.”

The Gandhi family scion compared the Bharatiya Janata Party ​(BJP) with the Congress and claimed that it is in the DNA of the grand old party to ‘listen to everyone’.

“When we hold meetings of the Congress party there’s always a space for voices of dissent. Earlier, I used to wonder why there was no order in this party and it took me 10 years to understand that there are voices of dissent because we let everyone speak and we hear them,” he said.

Rahul also attacked the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for interfering in the education system of the country and criticised its ideology claiming there was no place for differing voices in the organisation.

“Look at an RSS ‘shakha’ — they are made to stand in straight lines and any voice of dissent is curbed. Discipline is an excuse for them, an excuse to kill individuality,” he added.

Afte being invited by PM Modi, former prime minister Manmohan Singh had gone to meet him at 7 RCR on Wednesday.

They met for under an hour and as per the Congress discussed the state of economy of the country.

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