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Political parties adopting different campaigning strategies

The political parties almost in every constituency of Mumbai or Maharashtra are active from last few days, but it is the independent candidates who are playing it smart. They are attending various festivals and offering advice to the people of residential areas and leaving a mark in their minds. The BJP and the Shiv Sena candidates on the other hand are still criticizing the Congress and NCP candidates for poor governance. BJP candidates are addressing a number of public meetings and pointing out that how the development of the country have reached new heights after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. This was one method, while Shiv Sena is another tactics by targeting its opponents.

The independent candidates on the other hand talked to heads of residential colonies and societies and learnt about their problems. Among many things, biggest problem faced by societies is that residents have already paid huge sums to MCGM in the name of property tax and others in the name of maintenance, yet the civic body continues to demand tax from the residents and their problems remain unresolved.

Another candidate did not went outright and campaigned for election, but he definitely created an impression among his audience. When one candidate was invited as Chief Guest to an event on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, he stressed the point of girl’s education and Cleanliness drive. In the same way, Akhilesh Chaubey, MNS party’s first north Indian candidate who is contesting from Kandivali against Congress party’s Thakur Ramesh Singh met residents in Thakur Complex and spoke about women’s safety as well as the problems faced by them in the area.
Every candidate has submitted their Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts to the Election Commission, and EC is keeping a close eye on these accounts. Some candidates have started their blogs and requested journalists through SMS to visits their blog in the evening and report about it in media.

This is one of the most novel electioneering strategy possibly adopted among the 4,117 candidates in fray for the October 15 Vidhan Sabha elections. As the electioneering reaches its crescendo, an enviable battery of campaigners is out to seek votes for Subhash Deshmukh, who is contesting as a BJP candidate for the Solapur-South Assembly constituency. Four thousand “daughters and sons-in-law” of Subhash Deshmukh are actively campaigning for their Bapu, as he is known affectionately across Solapur.

Deshmukh, who for the last seven years has been conducting community marriages, is the “proud father” of 2,000 girls, who got married in the community marriages conducted by him. These 2,000 girls from poor families of farmers and belonging to various castes and religious groups are now campaigning for Deshmukh along with their better halves.

Deshmukh, through his Lokmangal Group, has been conducting community marriages every November for the poor people so that they do not get trapped in vicious debt cycle or have to sell their agricultural land.

Many parties have started interacting with voters through whatsapp. Almost, every political party’s database have my number. One day, I received a graphics on my whatsapp, it was an anti-BJP campaign. Of course, it was from unknown number, but the interesting thing was that the country code belonged to USA. On the very second day, I received anti Congress picture and this time country code was +63. I was shocked to see that. It means, they are operating and campaigning away from the country. This means they are fooling the Election Commission.

They are adopting different strategies to mislead the EC by under reporting their expenses.

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