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Politics, corporate media and elections

Names of Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul crops for Lok Sabha election but nobody is discussing about which party they will vote for. Thus elections are fought on leaders names instead of agendas. Media too has been responsible for the personalization of politics. It is a dangerous trend when real issues pertaining to the welfare of the common man are sidelined.

Kejriwal, Modi, Rahul v/s the people. We are seeing big advertisement aired on all news channels and web sites by all political parties. Some ads are boosting Gujarat and some mentioning about their work in last two terms. Some paid editorials have been published in support of Aam Aadmi Party, which was paid by corporate world only. It is clear by now that a section of corporate media is desperately building up Kejriwal and his party as a third force in ensuing Lok Sabha elections in its bid to counter the threat it perceives from big industries that are out to install BJP’s Narendra Modi in power while another section is firmly standing behind Rahul Gandhi.
Yes, I mentioned corporate media let us not mistake it. It reflects the configuration of political economy. They are helping political parties to contest elections and later these parties help them to grab lands and other benefits. It is true by now that one of the biggest corporate houses has become a corporate monster which threatens the prospects of other rivals to no mean level. By inducting Modi in power the group seeks to insure its dominance, while others are out to at least balance the threat by keeping Rahul and Kejriwal as other warriors kicking, if not in saddle.

Aam Aadmi Party is now like any other political party and Kejriwal is like any other politician on basics; vying for political power to ‘serve the people’ and effect ‘social change’ in their interest through state power. If the Congress and the BJP are indulging in political gimmickry, aren’t Kejriwal doing the same too? Have you not ignored your responsibilities and chosen the easy way out. Apart from getting the Jan Lokpal Bill passed, you had other promises to keep too. But you simply chose to wear the halo of martyrdom and put the Congress and the BJP in the dock.
Chaos, pandemonium, protests, we saw it all in your 49-day tenure, but just fell short of seeing some action which would give us the sense that you gave us good governance.

Riding on the desperation/ frustration of the people born out of the economic squeeze and emergency, wrung through the instrument of state, Jai Prakash Narayan tried to do it earlier with Janata Party, what now Kejriwal and his friends seek to achieve through their Aam Aadmi Party?

Same is the story of CPI (M). Earlier Jyoti Basu had and EMS Namboodripad had ruled West Bengal and Kerala by making tall promises but they failed to deliver as they were more interested in retaining power. Modi of BJP and Rahul of Congress or Kejriwal of AAP are merely repeating the story now.

For all contestants an election is practically a subtle game of tricks to grab power by befooling people, on the strength of resources they muster by under hand means. Who can believe whom in this game? State power is not an ordinary instrument to grab! By simple logic, the tricks cannot also be ordinary to befool for such a privileged possession.

This is the political economy of present day democracy since the days of industrial revolution that was ushered with the slogan of ‘equality, liberty and fraternity’. The relevant point of concern is the future of the People – Common man in such a frenzied game of deceit and deception.

Modi and Rahul both belong to known political formations in the country who are responsible for miseries of Aam Aadmi party while in power, while Kejriwal is a dark horse that is shrewdly avoiding his socio-economic projections and working up myths to new level.

In a democracy, if you have the right to voice your opinion, so do the others. Protests and agitations are important to bring issues in light, but can you threaten to quit and take to the streets every time you put forth a demand?

When in government, Bills and legislation cannot be passed just at will. Due procedures need to be followed which even the Chief Minister or for that matter the President of the country cannot ignore. What example are you setting for the people if you are sitting at the helm of the state and refusing to respect the lawmakers of the country.

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