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Press lotus symbol so hard that current is felt in Italy, says Amit Shah

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Amit-ShahLaunching BJP’s campaign for Haryana Assembly polls, party president Amit Shah on Monday alleged that corruption had flourished during the successive governments in state and sought a decisive mandate for all-round development of the state.

“For 20 years, we are seeing Hooda and Chautala (ruling the state). One comes and corruption flourishes, the other comes both ‘gooindaism’ and corruption flourish. When you bring us to power, we will root out corruption and ‘goondaism’ and undertake development,” he said without naming anyone.

Shah urged the people to reject the forces which try to woo the electorate on caste and regional basis.

Seeking to touch an emotional chord with the people, Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well versed with Haryana and its people after having worked in the state for nearly ten years as a party man earlier.

“Make BJP victorious in the polls and see how he repays the debt,” he said.

The BJP leader, who addressed a party rally at Tohana in Fatehabad district in southern Haryana, hit out at the Congress government in the state, saying it has been hit by several scams.

“Ensure that their security is forfeited,” he added.

“Don’t press the lotus symbol (BJP’s poll symbol), just like that only, but press it so hard that when the button is pressed in Haryana, current is felt in Italy,” Shah said.

“Now, they are seeking one more chance. You gave them two chances (in a row) already. What have they done?” Shah said.

He then sought one chance for BJP to usher in all-round development.

“Give us one chance and bring us to power with majority. We will ensure all-round development,” he said.

Shah said that people are fed up with the Congress regime while ‘goondaism’ flourished under the Chautala regime.

Taking a dig at former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Shah claimed that he used to speak only after getting direction from the Gandhi family.

Wooing the farmers, Shah said in the coming days, the Modi government is preparing a big scheme for the benefit of farmers around the country.

“A blueprint for different regions is being prepared. Like, for example, the areas which are rich in water resources, there will be a different scheme for farmers in those areas.

“While in areas like Rajasthan and for southern parts of the country, the scheme will be different,” Shah said.

He then added,”If this time, people of Haryana commit a mistake, then you should take it for granted that your land will again be acquired for peanuts and you will get nothing while coffers of their sons-in-law will fill up and their bungalows will be built (without taking any names”.

The BJP had won seven out of the eight seats it contested from Haryana in the Lok Sabha polls and the party is now fighting on all the 90 Assembly seats on its own after its ally the Haryana Janhit Congress snapped ties accusing the saffron party of “repeated betrayal”.

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