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Two years back also, ‘He’ poisoned six members of the family

Hasnain’s sister Soofiya clueless about the reason behind why he had committed the crime.

Thane-hatyakand-1The accused Hasnain Anwar Warekar responsible for murdering 14 members of his family in Kasarvadavli in Thane had made a failed attempt to kill six family members by trying to poison them two years back. However, they recovered after taking medications but this time they remained unlucky as they were brutally murdered by Warekar. Hasnain himself was found hanging in one of the rooms with a knife still in his hand. Police officials and relatives are baffled as to what led Hasnain to do such a crime, however they said it was pre planned.

According to police officials, Hasnain had invited his sisters and their family members for a birthday party of his daughter Mubashira who turned six on Saturday. The family usually doesn’t celebrate birthdays grandly but there was eyebrows raised. Once the entire family ate and slept, Hasnain is then suspected to have woken up and killed every one by taking the knife and slashing their necks.

According to Hasnain’s relatives property dispute may be the reason behind these murders. Three groups were formed within the family due to property rift. Hasnain was likely to receive a share of Rs. 21 crore through the sale of property.

Rizwan Warekar (uncle) said, “Such things were never expected from Hasnain as from his childhood, he was very simple and a good person with a closed knit of friends. He used to go office, and offer namaz five times a day. A person who used to feel scared while seeing blood can never make such mistakes.”

Soofiya Yusuf Bharmal who survived the massacre by her brother, informed the police that she has no idea as to what spurred her brother to go on the horrific killing spree.

Special branch constable Meera Madhurkar, who took a statement from Soofiya said that the victim was clueless about her brother’s intention behind the murders as he seemed to have no qualms with the family.

“In her statement she said that her brother had called the entire family for a special dinner. There had been no conflict that night. He was exhibiting normal behaviour towards his parents and his wife. She said that she had no idea why her brother massacred them all. I could not ask her much as she is still traumatised and has 25 stitches on her neck, where she suffered the most injuries,” Madhurkar said.

According to primary investigation, Hasnain Anwar Warekar murdered seven children, six sisters and another man from his family before he committed suicide.

Thane Police PRO Gajanan Kabdule said, “The accused Hasnain also killed his aged father Anwar Warekar. However, a 22-year-old girl from the family – Soofiya Bharmal (22) – has survived and she has been admitted to Titan hospital.”

“It is a sad incident as the man was a very nice person. He was well qualified and worked in a good company. He was calm and composed. It is going to be really hard to figure out the real reason as to why this happened because none of the neighbours, or anyone for that matter was aware of any family dispute,” said a neighbour, on condition of anonymity.

Here’s the list of the deceased: Hasnain Anwar Warekar (35, M), Zabin Hasnain Warekar (28, F), Mubashira Hasnain Warekar (6, F), Umaira Hasnain Warekar (3 months, F), Anwar Warekar (55, M), Asgari Anwar Warekar (50, F), Shabina Shaukat Khan (35, F), Anas Shaukat Khan (12, F), Sadiya Shaukat Khan (16, F), Ali Hasan Shaukat Khan (5, M), Batul Anwar warekar (30, F), Maria Irfan Faqih (28, F), Umair Irfan Faqih (7, M), Yusuf Irfan Faqih (4, M), Arshiya Yusuf Bharmal (5 months, F).

Injured: Soofiya Yusuf Bharmal (22, F)

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