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Punjab CM urges artistes to join govt’s fight against drugs

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh urged Punjabi singers, dramatists, and filmmakers to play a proactive role in complementing the state government’s efforts to combat the drug menace.

Interacting with noted Punjabi comedians Jaswinder Bhalla, Karamjit Anmol and Bal Mukund Sharma, the chief minister asked them to use their popularity with people to bring about the much-needed change on this count.

These artistes, being the heartthrobs of millions of viewers who follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, could help in changing the people’s perception towards drugs by leveraging their massive outreach, the chief minister asserted.

Reiterating his firm commitment to combat the challenge posed by drug abuse, Singh said the role of the artist fraternity was of paramount significance as they were capable of prevailing upon the common man in an emotional and persuasive manner, especially at a critical juncture when several innocent youngsters were falling prey to drugs.

Their massive potential and people connect could be effectively used to positively influence the youngsters and create awareness about the ill effects of drugs, said the chief minister.

Expressing concern over the “alarming trend of violence cult” in Punjabi songs, the chief minister suggested that a healthy and positive content should be encouraged on the social media to discourage such negative propaganda.

He exhorted the artistes to evolve a consensus amongst themselves not to promote gun culture, obscenity and vulgarity in songs and videos which allure the innocent impressionable minds towards crime and hatred.

To overcome this problem, the chief minister advised the artist to create jingles, promos, short films and documentaries to imbibe the spirit of goodwill, love, compassion, and brotherhood in the society.

Such a move would go a long way in changing the cultural mindset of the people, he added.