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Put ‘India First’ in your Resolution

Indian PM has been continuously thriving to infuse the sentiment of nation building in all Indians. We entered in 2015, and most of us have already prepared our resolutions. I would not ask anyone to substitute any of the personal advancement plans with a pledge for nation-building, but adding the latter to our list of resolutions is what I seek, and our country seek. If each and every person’s resolutions are aimed at a better and prosperous India then we can change anything. We can build a nation, which we would love to call ours. We can deliver a sustainable tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

Conversion and reconversion (Ghar Wapsi) issues in last two months have bored us. These issues are communal which young generation wants to put aside. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a slogan during his election campaign, ‘India First’. However, after coming to power his ‘chele-chapates’ are raising voice on communal and controversial issues. If nation will involve and debate on this unwanted issue, then how can we talk and plan about developments. So, ‘India First’ should be one of the points in our resolution.

We have been complaining for clumsy working of our government departments, lack of education facilities, environmental ruin, but do we realize that we humans are the in-charge and every process involves our participation. Then, it is not the department that is corrupt or non-functional; it is the humans who are parting with their basic duties. There would not have been such a deficiency of education services and other basic amenities in case the rulers had the will to allocate funds to the right category, in case we had condensed our fertility a little.

Yesterday, we had published about open toilet system. In spite of awareness campaign and putting lots of revenue on this, people are still defecating in the open.

We all know this; even our children know who study lessons on patriotism and social harmony in schools. With the passage of time, however, we become more of personal-centric and less nation-centric. We look for all available ways, lawful/unlawful to evade tax liability, we pay bribes, we take it too, we contaminate our public places, we do any and everything that can make our homes a worthy place, but in this race we overlook the harms to the nation. Being happy, rich and self-centered isn’t forbidden under any law, but social and economic responsibility rests on the shoulders of us all, we have to bear it.

Instead of taking nation on the road of development, we are debating to make ‘Gita’ a National Book, reconverting people by giving bribe to them. Can Gita with its universal character and application be jacketed into ‘a’ religious book exclusively belonging to Hindus? Will its prestige, in any way, be enhanced by making it a ‘National Book’ when it is already widely accepted across nations? And no wonder that if Yoga, which is about oneness with self, world and nature, health and well being, despite opposition-calling it a Hindu exercise by some, eventually with understanding, can widely be accepted across Nations-declaring 21 June as the Yoga day, then Gita, some day, may be declared as the recipe for the world because it is applicable to the humanity at large and not for any group, society or Nations, especially because of the rising intolerance and violence, consumerism and degrading Nature – which is a world over problem, and to address them there is the need for self control, spiritual awakening and humanism.

But beyond the political skirmishes, I feel we have lost the legal reality of all of these cases. If the nation’s secular fabric is being threatened, then clearly legal and police action must be being taken to protect it. But the issue of conversion per say is not illegal in these cases, for the simple reason they are not being done or there is no evidence of them being done at gunpoint. The ‘issue’ of ‘forced conversion’ is simply the product of the loudest and the most news worthy voices in the political narrative surrounding these cases.

Making Gita a ‘National book’ and identifying it with ‘a’ religion will only trivialise its universal character and the spirit.
Is there any credibility to this call or a politics of controversy? Please put ‘India First’ if you want to go take a flight of development.

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