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Rachel Roy Blasts Alleged Jay Z Affair Rumors: ‘I Respect Marriages’

Back in the hive, Beys! Rachel Roy has spoken out on Twitter and vehemently denied that she has ever had an affair with Jay Z — or any married man for that matter.

Rachel Roy Blasts Alleged Jay Z Affair Rumors-AV

After being dragged through the mud by the beyhive for allegedly being “Becky,” from the song “Sorry,” Rachel Roy, 42, spoke out on Twitter on April 24 to let the world that she’s not the person Beyonce, 34, was referring to on Lemonade. And on top of that, maybe people should stop their bullying, too!

“I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind,” Rachel tweeted on the afternoon of the 24th. Her tweet followed a day of being attacked online by Beyonce fans who left her insults, threats, and bee and lemon emojis on her Instagrams.

Before she made her account private, Rachel had posted a photo with the caption “good hair don’t care,” what many believed to be a reference to “Becky with the good hair,” the girl at the center of the song “Sorry” (about a cheating significant other). Additionally, she posted a photo with a lemon prominently in the foreground after getting tons of hate the first time around — and deleting that pic. A bold and pointed message?

There’s an alarming reason that fans jumped to the conclusion that Rachel’s posts were about Lemonade. They’ve long suspected that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with Rachel, the ex-wife of his former business partner, Damon Dash, 44; that rumor is what allegedly sparked his infamous elevator brawl with Beyonce’s sister, Solange, 39, in 2014! Solange was apparently furious about Jay’s “close friendship” with Rachel, and even confronted her at a party that same night! There’s been no word on if Jay cheated on Beyonce, but with Lemonade dropping, it’s pretty clear she’s mad at someone. Rachel just wants everyone to get off her case!

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