Ragini MMS 2 Review


ragini-mms-2-0aThe usual Bollywood variants of noises and voices seem right out of a B-grade horror film.

Ragini MMS 2 is quite a pleasant surprise. It is not everyday that you begin your morning watching a Sunny Leone film, where she actually manages to bewilder you something close to a performance. Interestingly threaded with ample hair raising minutes, the film’s ability to seem unrelentingly real is what makes it an entertaining watch. Not worth an Oscar but worth spending your popcorn over this weekend for sure.

The video of Ragini and Uday’s escapades in the haunted house gets viral. Uday’s death and Ragini’s faltering mental state from the trauma of the incident makes for the fodder of an interesting story. A filmmaker decides to make a movie based on Ragini’s unfortunate incident. Signing in Sunny (Sunny Leone) for the role, they go back to the same house to shoot for it. What follows is way more massive than expected. It initially begins as minor faulty incidents but it all points to the presence of the supernatural spirit who was killed unceremoniously by her family on the pretext of being a witch. And she still isn’t at peace.]

Ragini MMS 2 is far more lucid than Ragini MMS. Though the first half isn’t exactly remarkable, the build up to the second half, the well used titillating show and the tight eldritch climax is what makes the film a worthwhile film here. Do not expect anything beyond mindless entertainment because this film is just the horror variation of a commercial potboiler. Don’t attach logic, don’t expect intelligence, just get entertained. Since I have ingested my share of it, I am going with a 3/5.