Ranveer Singh brought together Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli?


Anushka- Virat-KohliWhile, the entire industry is abuzz with actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli`s ongoing affair, it was interesting to learn about the person who actually got them introduced to each other.

According to a popular entertainment website, it was Anushka Sharma`s ex beau, Ranveer Singh, who unintentionally played cupid in the love tale of the couple in question.

Ranveer met Virat at a party at the time when the former was still dating Anushka. And it was through Ranveer, that Anushka got introduced to Virat. The `Head and Shoulders` ad pair began dating only after Ranveer and Anushka broke up. The tabloid even reports that it was at Anushka`s recommendation that Virat Kohli was signed by the brand for the famous shampoo ad. The couple is really mad about each other and Virat has even lived in with her at her Mumbai pad for a couple of days. However, none of them has confessed their feelings before the press till date.

So, now all that remains to be heard is a formal announcement from the much-in-love couple.