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Retired professor alleges woman using ‘black magic’ to have sex with him

The state cyber cell headquarters on Saturday initiated a probe into the complaint of ‘paranormal activity’ after repeated pleas from a terror-struck retired professor.

66- year-old Professor Chandra Prakash Trivedi, a resident of Indore, is an author of 10 books on Vedic science.

“That woman is using air pressure magneto therapy to have sex with me. In the dead of night, I feel a ‘presence’ that nobody will believe. I have often run out of my house in the midnight,” Trivedi said, adding that he knows people might think he is mentally disturbed “but I am not mad”.

“Just because it was not a routine complaint, we cannot deny accepting a complaint. Let the complaint be investigated,” Assistant inspector-general, cyber cell, NK Jhariya said.

However, officers are wondering whether there are other issues behind the bizarre complaint.

“It could be anything from an overactive imagination to narcotics driving hallucinations or indeed, a legitimate complaint. Whatever it is, we entertain all complaints be it against zombies or werewolves,” said another police officer.

Trivedi also submitted copies of emails sent by the ‘suspect woman’ who he claims, unleashed evil spirits on him. “She lives in Odisha and is using air pressure magneto therapy to seduce me,” claims Trivedi. His family claims he’s medically fit and mentally stable.

“Spurt in spooky complaints may soon force the police department to set up an anti-ghost cell or acquire the services of an occult practitioner or even a psychiatrist,” said a police officer.

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