Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Rowdy fliers can be grounded

In the wake of unrest on board a plane, strict strictures have been passed to corner erring fliers. For regular and serial offenders the Union Government has finally put in place new fly rules, by which rowdy fliers can be grounded for life. For this to happen, the pilot of the plane should file a complaint. The complaint will be probed by an internal committee headed by a retired district court judge and the decision will have to come by 30 days or otherwise the ban will not hold good. For the second offence the ban will be twice that of the previous one. The norms will be applied to foreign carriers as well. The aggrieved person may appeal within 60 days. The clamour for norms began after Shiv Sena MP assaulted an Air India official earlier this year. Under the new rules, unruly behaviour has been categorised into three levels – verbal, physical and life threatening. Rude gestures, verbal harassment and drunken unruliness will attract a ban on flying up to 3 months. When the flier go physical then the ban is for 6 months and the life threatening behaviour will carry a ban of two years and more without a cap. Thus the rowdy fliers will have to think twice before throwing tantrums on board of a plane in future.

M.R. Jayanthi

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