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RSS wants civil war in India: SP leader Azam Khan

Azam-KhanSlamming the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for its religious conversion campaigns, the Samajwadi Party senior leader Azam Khan on Sunday said that the ideology of the right-wing Hindu nationalist organisation will become a cause of civil war in the country.

Khan said the RSS is trying to spread lawlessness in the country. “They want to create a lawless atmosphere. This will lead to a civil war, a war that cannot be controlled,” said the UP minister.

Besides SP, the Congress also condemned the whole idea of ghar vapsi and other such programmes of the RSS.

Congress leader Manish Tewari said: “Whether it is ghar vapsi or love jihad, BJP is sowing seeds and there will be ominous implications in years to come.”

Meanwhile, carrying the ghar vapsi campaign ahead in other places, the RSS issued a statement that the organisation is willing to facilitate the ghar vapsi of those willing Goan Catholics, whose ancestors were forcibly converted during the colonial Portuguese era.

“It’s like this, the Portuguese had forcibly converted thousands of Hindus. They (those converted) are not around now, but I think their later generations are…” Sharad Kunte, RSS leader, was quoted as saying, adding that even if present day Catholics in Goa did not wish to re-convert, the organisation has no issues with it.

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