Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Sanskrit should be revived

Anil Vij, the Health Minister of the Haryana Government said that marriages solemnised by the chanting of Sanskrit mantras is illegal as the bride and the bridegroom do not understand what is being said. If we are unable to understand something, should we not try to understand it? The issue cannot be sorted out by just being aware of it, it has to be solved. Who gave the Minister to declare marriages null and void because the language in which the marriages are performed is not understood? There should be no loose talk in the context of religion as there is in politics. The effect of chanting of mantras is important in marriages and many other ceremonies as these mantras and their effects have been experienced and charged by the seers after a lot of research. Their importance has been understood by many foreign countries as we hear and read of many of their official functions and programmes begin with the chanting of Vedic Mantras. It is tragic that a representative of our country, that gave Sanskrit to the world, is running it down with such a comment. Numerous Indians are deprived of the precious and invaluable knowledge that is there in the Sanskrit language and numerous foreigners are attracted to this language and so are able to get this knowledge. Government should make lot of effort to make the people understand this language. And instead of doing that, saying Sanskrit is useless and expendable, is absolutely inappropriate for a Government representative.

Amit Padiyar

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