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Satyamev Jayate 2 fails to impress

The last episode of the second season of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, went on air on Sunday. After raising the ire of doctors, and shaking up governments by raising burning topics like medical malpractices and female infanticide in the season 1 with 12 episodes, Aamir Khan was back with the second season of Satyamev Jayate with just five episodes. Aamir who raised important issues such as the spurt in the number of atrocities against women, Indian police system, importance of waste management in the current season has brought another crucial topic – the importance of the right to vote in his last episode of season 2. However, if someone asks me, whether this season left the same impact like previous one then my answer will be a big NO. Though, the topics and emotion were as powerful as season 1, but like Bollywood sequel this follow-up of series has failed to impress me. People consider it like just any other show this time.

In the last episode, Aamir Khan not only focused on the criminal records of the politicians as India is in the election mode and political parties and politicians are charged like robot, but also showed how the commoners display no apprehensions in demanding money for their votes.

Yes, while there is a section of voters that think their votes don’t matter, there’s another group of voters that willingly sells their votes for TV sets, money and refrigerator.

In this season, the first episode dealt with the rape. It began with the brutal Delhi gang rape and presented a few more such cases, each with a chilling ending. What emerged in every case was the apathy of the police and lackadaisical law system. One rape victim has been fighting for justice for 21 long years.

The second episode dealt with the police force and for once it was not the predictable police bashing. Yes, it began with Aamir showing footage of greedy, corrupt cops showing their brutality. Like a person in the audience said police have now become goons! However, the episode delved into why police behave the way they do. Though you know that constables are paid pittance? It highlighted that they work crazy hours and showed their stark living and pathetic working conditions. No doubt cops have a thankless job but people who are at the receiving end of their brutality can hardly be expected to sympathise with them.

However, the episode with top ranking officials elucidating their internal problems was enlightening. While a few officers are endeavouring to change the system politicians are thwarting them. As they said police is a sarkari dog answerable to the ruling party and not people!

Whether the show will help bring about a change or not remains to be seen but at least it is attempting to highlight issues, which is more than what we can say about the shows that other celebrities align themselves with!

The format remained the same and the issues and interviews that had gripped the audience in series one, now seemed mundane. The lack of an element of surprise meant the audience knew what to exactly expect from the show.

Marital and date rape did not make it into the debate, though the pattern in North East India, where many rapes happen at gun point and often do not get reported by the media, was covered well.

Viewers took to social media to express their displeasure. They praised the choice of topic but complained that while the show was highlighting problems, solutions were rather vague: The audience was urged to dial a number to fight against rape.

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