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Saudi prince kept 3 women captive for sex, drug filled ‘party’ at Beverly Hills Mansion

Beverly-Hills-MansionThree US women claim a Saudi prince assaulted them and held them captive during three days of sex- and drug-fueled partying at a Beverly Hills mansion.

The unidentified women, who have filed a civil suit in Los Angeles against Majed Abdulaziz Al Saud, 29, say they were hired by the prince as housekeepers in late September.

The suit, filed last Thursday, alleges that the prince terrorized the women and made sexual advances that included rubbing himself against one of them and asking another “to lick my entire body.”

At one point, he also ordered the staff, including security guards, to strip by the pool because he wanted to see everyone’s “naked pussy.”

When one of the women pleaded with him to stop, he allegedly yelled: “You’re not a woman! You’re nobody! I’m a prince and I’ll do what I want and nobody will do anything to me.”

The women also claim they saw the prince being masturbated by another man and sniffing a white powder they believed to be cocaine.

“Al Saud has violently threatened and sexually assaulted his employees and publicly shamed these innocent women in the public eye,” the women’s attorney Van Frish told on Monday.

“This is yet another example of the use of gross wealth and power to exert emotional and physical abuse on those more vulnerable.”

The prince’s lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment.

Frish said his clients’ ordeal ended when someone called the police after hearing a woman unrelated to the case screaming as she she tried to scale the wall of the property.

The prince was arrested for allegedly trying to force that woman to perform oral sex on him.

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