Selena Gomez Reached Out To Justin Bieber’s Mom After His Arrest


Justin-Bieber-arrestJustin’s loved ones are ‘worried sick’ about him after his DUI arrest on Jan. 23. After Selena was woken up to hear the shocking news, the first thing she did was reach out to Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, to see how she could help,

Selena Gomez and Pattie Mallette both love Justin Bieber unconditionally and would do anything help him get his life back on track. Now the two most important women in Justin’s life are hoping his arrest will be a “wake-up” call for him to turn over a new leaf before it’s too late.

As devastated as Selena, 21, was when she heard the horrible news, she immediately sprung into action and called Justin’s mom.

“She has not spoken to Justin yet but has been in touch with his mom, who is also worried sick about her son,” says one of her friend to media “They are all hoping this is a wake-up call. Selena is just beyond thankful that no one was hurt.”

And if all else fails, Selena is hoping that Justin’s former swagger coach, Ryan Good, will be able to get through to him.

“Selena is hoping that Ryan will reach out to Justin,” the source says. “He’s always been a positive influence on Justin and if anyone could talk some sense into Justin, it would be Ryan.”