Selena Gomez: Why She’s Refusing To Go Back To Rehab


Selena-Gome-RehabSelena Gomez was extremely courageous to seek help for her “adult issues,” but her loved ones believe her journey to recovery is not over. That’s why they’re doing everything in their power to convince Selena to seek further treatment in rehab — no matter how much she’s resisting.

Selena Gomez’s Rehab Return — Why She’s Refusing To Go Back For Treatment
It seems Selena is in denial about her ongoing issues, but thankfully she has a strong support system of friends and family that is urging her to get the additional help that she needs.

“She will not return to rehab now that everyone knows she went to rehab. Her team had hoped that if they revealed that she sought treatment, that she would consider returning but it actually worked the opposite,” a source said “She is going against her family and friends’ advice, which she always does, and she will not get the help she needs. This is the perfect example of how an addict treats recovery. It’s a process that Selena’s team is prepared to battle alongside her.”

We’re so glad Selena’s friends and family aren’t giving up on her — without them she might be as lost as her ex Justin Bieber seems.

“They are in it for the long haul and not making Selena’s life very easy right now,” the source adds. “She wants to return to work, they aren’t letting her. She wants to see Justin, they aren’t letting her. They have someone near her at all times and they are trying to do everything to get her back to a healthy lifestyle. It’s step by step and going very slow but they are hoping Selena realizes she needs help and will obtain it.”