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Shiv Sena stirs controversy, urges Hindu families to have 10 children, announces reward of Rs. 21000

The Shiv Sena has stirred a hornet’s nest by suggesting the Hindu families to have more than 10 children to keep the majority status intact.

According to reports, the Sena’s Uttar Pradesh unit president, Anil Singh, has announced a reward of Rs 21,000 to those Hindu families which are having 10 or more children.

Furthermore, such families will be provided a certificate for increasing population in national interest.

Backing Shiv Sena’s decision, another party leader Surendra Sharma said that if rate of Hindu population keeps reducing then we’ll be a minority in our own nation.

However, Sena’s remarks did not go down well with other political parties, which strongly condemned and ridiculed the remarks.

Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that the party should be ashamed as they are trying to cause communal tension in UP.

Taking a dig at the remarks, former SP leader and journalist Shahid Siddiqui told that, “Having 10 children is so painful for women and Shiv Sena is only offering Rs 21,000. They should offer 21 lakhs but even this thought is wrong.”

He further added, “While developing countries are taking steps to reduce population, Shiv Sena is suggesting to increase it.”

Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh took to Twitter and said that it is weird to know that UP Shiv Sena has taken this decision.

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