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Shiv Sena warns Taliban against crossing path with Modi

ShivsenaDays after a Taliban’s breakaway faction issued a threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP’s former ally Shiv Sena supported the PM on his Hindutva stand and warned the terror group against crossing path with him.

“The Talibanis should not cross path with Prime Minister Modi. Therein lies their well being. We will do all that it takes to ensure the security of our PM,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said on Friday.

Notably, the support comes a day after the PMO called Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray to recommend two names from his party who should be included in the Union Council of Ministers when Modi expands it on Sunday.

“PM Modi is on the hitlist of the Taliban as he is a staunch supporter of Hindutva. He showed his Hindutva stand by performing ‘aarti’ on the banks of river Ganga as soon as he was sworn-in,” the Sena said.

The Prime Minister is not against Muslims, but against special treatment to them, it said.

Modi had condemned the last week’s blast at Wagah border that left nearly 60 people dead.

Later, the terror outfit had issued a threat to Modi and said it would take revenge for the killings of Muslims in Gujarat and Kashmir.

The Sena said it is ironical that Taliban has condemned the killing of Muslims in India, when it was brutally killing people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Children, women and senior citizens are subjected to innumerable atrocities in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of Islam. But Talibanis don’t get affected by it. It is farcical to then condemn the killings of Muslims in India,” the editorial said.

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