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Should Jews apologise to Germans: Anupam Kher on Kashmiri Pandit issue

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has expressed his anger after Jammu and Kashmir MLA Engineer Rashid made controversial remarks that Kashmiri Pandits should apologise to the majority community for having migrated from Kashmir.

“Everyone knows we (Kashmiri Pandits) have been out of our homes for 25 years now,” said Kher.

He added, it was unfortunate that Kashmiri Pandits are made to feel like a refugee in their own country as they have been thrown out of their own house.

“It’s taken 25 years for the government to finally come with a plan of resettling Kashmiri Pandits. But, there is a major agitation going on in Kashmir on this.”

“Some Er. Rasheed has the gall to say that we should apologise for migrating out of Kashmir. What kind of an idiot are you? So all the Jews should apologise to Germans?”, he said.

He further added that it’s not a Hindu-Muslim issue. It’s an issue of Kashmiri Pandits wanting a separate place.

“How is it not possible that even if we go and live in those areas, that some separatist will not tell people or a mob “go and kill them again” ?”, asked he.

On Article 370, Kher said that he personally feels that the section should be abolished.

Few days back, the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly witnessed a strong protest by Rashid over the proposed composite township for displaced Kashmiri Pandits.

Rasheed stormed into the well of the House and criticised the central and state governments over the issue and sought replies from them.

“We will not let Kashmir become another Gaza and Palestine, we will not tolerate a separate township for the Pandit community in Kashmir,” he said.

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