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Sunanda Pushkar’s family suspects Shashi Tharoor’s role in her death

A day after the controversy over the death of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, took a new twist, her family on Friday claimed that it knew her death was planned.

Ashok Kumar, a cousin of Sunanda Pushkar, suspected Tharoor’s involvement in the case.

When asked about the statement made by Sunanda’s son, from a previous marriage, dismissing the speculation of Tharoor’s role in her death, Kumar said Shiv was scared to speak the truth.

Kumar also said that Pushkar was very upset about the closeness her husband shared with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.

Sunanda could never commit suicide as she used to tell others how to lead their lives, Kumar added.

Earlier in the day, Kumar told that the family knew it wasn’t a natural death, but was planned.

Raising questions over Tharoor, Kumar asked why would the Congress leader go out for a meeting when his wife was unwell. Even CCTV cameras at hotel weren’t working, Kumar pointed out.

Seeking justice for Pushkar, Kumar demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the incident.

“We already knew it wasn’t a natural death. It was all planned and we had been asking for CBI’s probe. We knew that day when they went to stay in the hotel, this was planned earlier. Why would he (Shashi Tharoor) go for a meeting when she wasn’t feeling well? Even cameras weren’t working in such a big hotel. It was all planned beforehand.”

On Thursday, Pushkar’s latest post-mortem report, submitted to AIIMS, was leaked, which claimed that she died due to “poisoning”. Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi has, however, dismissed the report.

Bassi said the available forensic evidence is not conclusive.

“The forensic report at the moment is not conclusive, our inquest status in today’s date is pending,” said Bassi.

He further countered demands of the CBI probe into Pushkar’s death, saying the Delhi police is competent enough to find the truth.

“We believe in the quest for truth and whatever is required in the quest for truth… We have been doing and will continue doing,” Bassi said while answering a question about the role of the investigating officer.

“We are competent to carry out the probe…Inquest is pending…And whatever is required will be done,” he added.

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