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Syria air strikes target ISIS in Palmyra as hundreds massacred within 10 days

Syrian air force planes on Monday bombarded buildings in Palmyra on Monday days after extremists captured the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the ISIS has executed and arrested over 800 Syrian soldiers, militiamen and even civilians (for hiding and helping soldiers).

Out of 800, 217 have been confirmed killed execution-style including 67 civilians including children and women since may 16, SOHR said. Remaining 600 who are detained might end up meeting the same deadly fate, the monitor fears.

Most of those killed were beheaded, the SOHR has said.

Also, 5 nurses were executed in the city of Palmyra in east of Homs.

Just days after taking Ramadi in Iraq, the ISIS captured the UNESCO world heritage site Palmyra in Syria – populated by 50, 000 residents.

The ISIS takeover compelled the residents to escape the city.

Palmyra – described as an oasis in the Syrian desert – contains the monumental ruins of an ancient city and is in peril as the ISIS has in past destroyed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud and statues in Iraq’s Mosul.

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