Monday, October 26, 2020
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Beauty comes from beautiful soul

Dr. Ronak P Shah, is a physician, a diabetologist and a cosmetologist par excellence. After completing his MBBS, he interned at the reputed Lokmanya...

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What The Health!

Hara-kiri is not a new word. The great Kalidas is infamous for cutting the same branch of the tree on which he was sitting....

Hottest DJ of India Living a Blissful life

For us humans socialising, attending various get-togethers, going for parties, festivals, celebrations, events etc play a very important role. It not only helps us...

Author Lal Bhatia Was Falsely Convicted On Fabricated And Trumped-Up Charges In US, Court Document Reveals

• To Stifle Lal Bhatia’s efforts of exposing large scale criminality, facts were fabricated, and Lal Bhatia was framed to protect individuals, including a...

Indian hospitals are large and multifaceted entities with lots of challenges

Medical practices are very much efficient, recorded and always under control. If there is any negligence then the guilty is always brought to justice, be it some doctors, nurses or para-medical support.