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Thai woman marries her dead lover during his funeral

Ever heard of the saying, “till death do us apart”? Well, this is one example where the literal meaning of this saying comes out alive.


A Thai bride refused to listen to the old saying ‘til death do us part’ after she decided to marry her dead lover at his funeral .

Nan Thippharat, from Chachoengsao province in central Thailand, chose to go ahead with plans for the couple to wed, despite her future husband having already died.

Fiat’s death came as a shock, as he had shown no visible signs of illness before he suddenly died of a heart attack.

Nan posted pictures and a video of the unusual marriage ceremony to her social media page. This is what she wrote on social media: ‘I dreamed of our wedding. I saw us holding hands. Rest in peace. I love you, Fiat. Please know that our dream has come true.’

In the video people are seen paying their respects to Fiat, while Nan sits beside him in a wedding dress, holding his hand. Her dead fiance was named Fiat.

Nan said: “It was my way of paying tribute to him in this life because I know one day we will be together for eternity in the next one.

“I loved him with all my heart and I couldn’t bear it when he was taken from me. He looked splendid on his wedding day – I know he would have liked it.”

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