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Three US girls attempting to join IS detained in Germany

ISISThree teenage girls from Denver were detained by authorities in Germany after they left their home and stole money to join Islamic State militants on Wednesday.

The trio went missing from their home after they skipped school last week. They travelled to Germany and were intercepted by the FBI while attempting to travel to Syria via Turkey.

The teens including two sisters aged 17 and 15 years and their 16 years old friend were then returned to their parents after being questioned by the FBI.

The parents were clueless about the plans of their teens and had filed a missing persons complaint after they found the girls, their passport and $2,000 cash missing.

The authorities gathered evidence after the computers of the teens were examined and are now investigating about other “like-minded” friends in their circle.

This is not the first case when cases of youths from Western countries attempting to travel to war-torn Syria to join Islamic State have come to light.

The militant group has several foreign fighters who have joined IS and are fighting in Iraq and Syria.

19-year-old Shannon Conley from Colorado was recently arrested as she tried to board a flight to travel to Syria.

Conley said that she became interested in joining the “holy war” overseas after meeting an online suitor claiming to be a Tunisian fighting with IS in Syria.

The Islamic State recently released a video “Message of the Mujahid” in which an Australian teen Abu Khaled al-Australi threatened US President Barack Obama, Australian PM Tony Abbott and UK PM David Cameron that IS will not rest until black flags are flying high on the White House and Buckhingham Palace.

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