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Tips to consider while installing ceiling lights

Choosing ceiling lights is a very important task for any interior decorator as they not only illuminate the room but also enhance the decorative appeal.

In fact they are an integral part of the entire décor and can help in creating the right mood and ambience.

Light is important to create the right balance between the backdrop, architecture, colors, furniture and artifacts of a room.
There is a huge market of ceiling lights for you to indulge your needs and taste. However do not get carried away by the variety. Choose lights which are suitable for your home, match with your décor, and meet your life style requirements.

Some useful tips to buy ceiling lights

–  Consider the size of your room while buying ceiling lights. Oversized and undersized lights kill the décor and quality of activities undertaken

–  Measure the height of your ceiling to arrive on the right decision.

–  Span the area you intend to light

–  Mark the areas where lights are to be installed

–  Decide how many lights you want for each room

–  The nature of the room should be given its due importance

–  Life style needs of the inmates

–  Decide your budget

–  Consider your color scheme

–  Consider your décor

–  Consider the theme of your décor

–  Review the facilities you have for maintenance

Ceiling lights for different rooms

For Living rooms buy bright and attractive lights. Be creative and indulgent while purchasing lights for this room.

For Bedrooms buy soft and peaceful lights. Match them with your table lamps and go for those which are relaxing for you.

For the kitchen go for natural lights which enhances visibility. You should be able to identify the colors and textures of your food.

For children’s room choose bright and gay lights which go well with the lamps. Remember to pick lights which help your child’s study and play activities.

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