Monday, August 2, 2021
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Truth about Junaid’s death

The true cause of Junaid’s death (lynching) has finally been revealed. Junaid’s death was not due to beef but because of an argument over a railway seat. It was necessary that these matters are investigated speedily as people were trying to communalise the incident. From this it has become clear that one should not comment till correct information is received. By spreading wrong information, the work of the police is hindered and they have to undergo immense pressure. The police should be allowed to perform their work and the people should try not to disturb the peace and harmony in society. Especially on the social media many a times the truth is given a different colour and message spreads very fast; inviting trouble. It is necessary to ascertain the truth, because there are many who would like to instigate any incident into a communal one.   

Jayesh Rane

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