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Uncle’s videos in local goes viral that get into an impromptu jam session

After a gruelling day at work, gaiety and vim are qualities hardly associated with the long commute home. Definitely not so with many travellers on Mumbai’s local trains.

After all, Mumbai locals are not only an extension of the city but even the people. From animated conversations to sharing meals with fellow passengers, the commuters are seen basking in a lot of fun activities, unperturbed by their apprehensions and anxieties in life.

Overcrowded and claustrophobic, the Mumbai commuters cuss and fuss the moment they board this train; yet, they can’t imagine their life without it.

From making friends to chopping vegetables, from doing assignments to having a tête-à-tête with a stranger – this local is so much more than just a mode of transport.

A recently-posted video clip, that has since gone viral It depicts a compartment full of men belting out the song do ghunt mujhe bhi pila de sharaabi, complete with accompanying percussions, back-up vocals et al.

The clip had over two million views at the time of writing, which also shows passengers giving a musical touch to the song by rhythmically beating their hands against the train’s surface.

The show is a testament of how these daily commutes live an alternate life while they’re on the train. Forgetting the struggles and anxiety of life, these passengers join together to become one happy group.

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