US-led air strikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq; Qaeda cries revenge

US-led-air-strikesThe US warplanes along with that of its allies from the anti-Islamic State coalition continued hitting the extremist targets in Syria, the US Central Command informed.

In a tweet, the US Central Command also posted a tweet showing an F-15E fighter jet hitting an IS compound near the border town of Kobani, in Syria.

In response, al Qaeda- affiliated al-Nusra Front has decried the strikes, threatening retaliation against the US and all those states involved in the air strikes in Syria.

According to SITE monitoring group, al-Nusra spokesman, Abu Firas al-Suri, expressed defiance to the American-led airstrikes, calling it as “a war against Islam.”

The US-led air strikes, which began targetting IS spots in Syria last Tuesday, continue as Kurdish fighters are engaged in a fierce battle with the IS to secure the town of Kobani, (Kurdish for Ayn al-Arab), which lies along the Syrian border with Turkey. It is the same town, from where some two hundred thousand refugees were forced to flee, fearing the IS onslaught as the extremists were closing in on the town.

The US-led strikes are said to have destroyed IS vehicles, and their fighting position near Erbil in Iraq.

The US added that Arab states likes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and United Arab Emirates participated in those strikes against the Islamic State.

The strikes are known to have killed some IS militants, but according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, six civilians too, have been killed in the coalition strikes.

The London-based rights NGO reports that, the anti-IS coalition warplanes killed 6 near al-Fadghami area in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah.
The US began striking the IS targets in Syria last week, as outlined by President Barack Obama in his ‘gameplan’ to rein in the Islamic State in Syria.