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Violate ceasefire to teach Pakistan a lesson: Shiv Sena

Lashing out at Pakistan over its repeated ceasefire violations across the border in Jammu and Kashmir, Shiv Sena yesterday said it would not be wrong for India as well to breach the truce to teach the neighbouring country a lesson.

“In 2013, Pakistan indulged in ceasefire violations 347 times and the number went up to 562 in 2014. As many as 32,000 people living along the border areas had to leave their homes to find shelter elsewhere,” it said through its editorial.

“Only when the Indian army retaliates and kills the Pakistanis do the firings stop from the neighbouring country. If a small country like Pakistan can violate ceasefire so many times, it would not be wrong for India to violate ceasefire to straighten their crooked tails,” Sena said.

The saffron party said that Pakistan’s economic condition is going from bad to worse with each passing day and the country is only known for living on the financial assistance provided by the USA.

“Pakistan’s condition as a nation has become grim. The terror that Pakistan grew in its backyard to attack India is now destroying it. Terror activities have come down significantly in India, but it is like an everyday affair in Pakistan,” it said.

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