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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Whose Cash is it? A Crore Allegedly Robbed from BJP Leader’s Home

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A senior BJP leader from Bihar may soon have to explain to the police why more than a crore was allegedly found in cash at his home. Giriraj Singh delivered a marquis controversy of the recent national election when he infamously declared that critics of his party’s Narendra Modi, then running for prime minister, should move to Pakistan.

Mr. Singh’s apartment in the state capital of Patna was robbed on Monday afternoon. Hours later, a man was arrested in an auto-rickshaw with the cash and a panoply of expensive wrist-watches and jewelry. He helped the police locate and arrest his alleged associate, a security guard who worked at the politician’s building.

Patna Senior Superintendent of police Manu Maharaj said that the guard has confessed that the money and valuables were taken from the home of Mr. Singh, who is 61.

The police said at a press conference today that they will now determine whether the cash allegedly taken from Mr. Singh’s home belongs to him. They say that the politician’s complaint did not peg a value to the items that had been thieved. According to Mr. Singh’s 2014 election affidavit, he only has Rs. 2.40 lakh in cash.

During the campaign for the recent national election, Mr. Singh refused to apologise for suggesting that Mr. Modi’s opponents would do well to relocate to Pakistan since his victory was guaranteed. He refused to apologise for his statement despite being found guilty of hate remarks by the Election Commission.

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