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Why to brew beer if it naturally flows from a tree!

The tribals of Bastar and Dhamtari districts of Chhattisgarh are minting money everyday by selling ‘Desi beer’ from the leaves of a tree which they refer to as ‘Salfi’.

The irony here is that this Desi beer is a non-alcoholic drink. Even though it leaves a person buzzing, it has no alcoholic ingredient as it’s made out of natural extracts.

“Juice extracted from one Salfi tree in a day helps me earn Rs. 500”, says Siyaram, a resident of Baroli village, who sells one glass of juice for Rs. 10.

So much is the demand for ‘Desi beer’ that people from far and wide places come to Bastar and Dhamtari to enjoy the new non-alcoholic drink.

As per reports, in one season, a person can earn upto Rs 50,000 by selling Desi beer extracted from one Salfi tree.
Looking at the monetary benefits, villagers here have now begun planting Salfi trees to secure their discovery as a full-fledged business prospect in times to come.

All those villagers who have planted such trees and are selling Desi beer, have seen a substantial growth in their economic condition, the report said.

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